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Clerk of the Board
Theresa Upton

226 Middle Ave.
Fourth Floor
Elyria, OH 44035
Ph: (440) 329-5103
Fx: (440) 323-3357

The Clerk is appointed by the Lorain County Board of Commissioners. The Board of County Commissioners is the executive and administrative agency of the County. The Commissioners administer the affairs of the County according to the laws of Ohio and can determine policy, by resolution, for the establishment of services in the county left optional by law.

The Commissioners are responsible for the supervision of construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges. As the taxing authority of the County, the Commissioners have power to purchase, lease, construct, repair and furnish the courthouse, county offices, jail, juvenile detention home, children's home, and the Lorain County School for the Mentally Retarded. No capital improvements by any county department can be made without formal action of the Commissioners. The Commissioners are obligated by law to provide institutional care for indigents, needy children and other needy individuals.

The Board of Commissioners review the annual report of all County offices. They prepare a County Budget based on the estimated needs of all the County offices, including the courts. The Commissioners can exercise a measure of control over many of the County offices. They also maintain all official bonds of the County elective officers, and receive bids and award contracts for the deposit of public funds with banks.

The Clerk of the Board is responsible for setting the Board Agendas, scheduling public hearings and bid openings, and recording all actions of the Board, which are then preserved as permanent records in the Commissioners’ journals.  The entire meeting is electronically recorded and videotaped and is available at a cost from the Lorain County Records Center. The Clerk also attends the Records Commission, Investment Advisory and Transportation Improvement District meetings. 
The Commissioner Meetings are held weekly on Thursdays’ beginning at 9:30 a.m., opened to the public and held on the 4th floor, meeting room b of the Administration Building.  An agenda listing those items to be discussed at each meeting and the persons scheduled to appear is available at the office of the Board of County Commissioners and on their internet site: www.loraincounty.us.
In 2008, the Clerk attended 50 regular, 2 special and 1 emergency meeting. These meetings, which lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, resulted in 760 pages of minutes containing 462,140 words. Minutes are also available on the Board Agendas page for the Board of Commissioners.

The Clerk’s office maintains the paper and instruments of the Board. These documents are available for the public to view and obtain photocopies. Clerk has processed 945 resolutions, which is around 3,780 copies distributed, 912 correspondence documents and scheduled 24 presentations, 15 public hearings and issued 29 proclamations.  Also received 1 expedited and 1 regular annexation; 1 vacation granted and 1 ditch petition received.

The Commissioners have approved 27 new appointments and 9 alternate Board Appointments for residents to serve on various boards/agencies for the good of the public. 
There have been 945 resolutions adopted, ranging in scope from providing for the day-to-day operation, services, and maintenance of County facilities, to the improvement and construction of bridges, ditches, sewer and water lines; road vacations; annexations; setting County policies; submitting grant applications for victims assistance, drug court, criminal justice, mental health, home rehabilitation, and job training; the promotion of economic development; and the purchase of real estate all in good faith for County residents.
The Clerk is affiliated with professional organizations that provide networking opportunities and continuing education, including the County Archivists and Records Managers Association (CARMA) and County Commissioners’ Clerks and Engineers’ Administrative Professionals Association Ohio (CCC/EAPA).  In December 2008, Theresa was appointed as District Representative to the Executive Board.

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