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Solid Waste Management District
226 Middle Avenue
Fifth Floor
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Ph: (440) 329-5440
Fx: (440) 329-5777

The Ohio General Assembly established the Solid Waste Management Districts of Ohio in 1989, and required each county to belong to one. Our District was set up to include the whole of Lorain County, plus all of the city of Vermilion. The responsibilities and duties of each District fall into two broad categories:

  • To prepare and maintain a comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, and measure progress toward its goals by collecting detailed statistics on recycling and solid waste disposal.

  • To promote recycling, reuse, and reduction of solid waste through educational and informational programs, support of recycling businesses and organizations, and the direct operation or support of actual collection events and programs.
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Email Updates Now Available

Our new Subscribe to Updates feature allows you to receive the most recent news about Solid Waste Management District, along with other county agencies. When subscribing, please include your name and email information.

Join Our E-mail Notification List

Thousands of dollars in advertising is spent each year to inform the public of our up-coming collection events. Ads in all local newspapers, radio and cable TV spots, and still the day after the event we receive phone calls wanting to know when we will be holding our next collection.

To help remedy this situation we are compiling a list of residents, businesses and organizations who would like to have an E-mail notification sent to them prior to the events. The E-mail will be sent approximately one week prior to the event giving everyone enough time to plan on attending.

E-mail notifications are designed to be printed and posted on bulletin boards throughout the county. Residents, local governments and organizations are encouraged to forward the notification to friends, employees or members.

To join the list, just click here and an email will be sent to our office. Let us know that you want to join the list and type in your first and last name. This method will ensure the proper E-mail address is collected.

New Parking Area for Visitors

Limited-time parking for visitors is now available in the parking lot at the corner of Middle Avenue and Third Street, directly across from the Lorain County Administration Building.

Receive Our Quarterly Newsletter

The District quarterly newsletter will not only keep you informed as to recycling and proper disposal opportunities for Lorain County it will also serve keep you informed on the fast changing recycling industry.
Keep abreast of local, national and international advancements and trends in the recycling and waste management industries.

Find out what local schools, businesses and organizations are doing to promote recycling. or drop us a line let us know what you are doing. We will be glad to share your ideas and efforts with Lorain County residents.

The newsletter is currently being sent by U.S. mail. We are in the process of taking it electronic. To join our mailing list, click here and state you name and address in the body of the e-mail and we will be glad to add you to our list.

District Brochures Available Online

Our Event Calendar and more of the tri-fold brochures that we maintain to explain our programs or discuss recycling topics are now available as PDF files. Other forms and printed materials will be converted as time allows. Please visit Reports & Publications to download PDF files of these materials.

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